Wicked Blend

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The Best There Is

Browning is a time honored brand whose origins date back to 1878 when founder John Browning designed a superior single shot rifle. He continued to invent and his ground breaking work was sought after by gun makers everywhere.  John Browning’s legacy of innovation changed the course of American history, and to this day; the Browning brand represents “The Best There Is” in American firearms and ammunition. 

In 2022, Browning Ammunition has launched yet another innovative product. Their Wicked Blend™ ammunition is designed to be the ultimate in waterfowl hunting. It contains a strict ratio of precision round bismuth and premium round steel shot that creates a tight pattern density with extra knockdown power. Their newest invention – the Wicked Wad™ – aerodynamically stabilizes each shot, which improves downrange patterns for extra distance.

Rusted Rooster Media partnered with Pulse to collaborate on this project. Our two teams worked closely through the creative process. Pulse provided storyboards of the innovative concept for their approval and handled the post-production.




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